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BlackBerry® Client Access Licenses (CAL's)
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How to locate CAL's on your BES server version 4:

  1. Open BlackBerry Manager.
  2. Right-click BlackBerry Manager.
  3. Click Properties.
  4. Click the License tab.

How to locate CAL's on your BES server version 4.1:

  1. Open BlackBerry Manager.
  2. Click BlackBerry Domain.
  3. Click Account.
  4. Click License Management

How to locate CAL's on your BES server version 5:

  1. Log in to the BlackBerry Administration Service Console
  2. Navigate to Servers and components > BlackBerry Domain > Component view >BlackBerry Administration Service.
  3. Scroll to the License summary section.

How to locate CAL's on your BES server version 10:

Starting with BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, licenses are stored in the BlackBerry Account Center:

  1. Log into the BlackBerry Account Center.
  2. From the home screen, select Licenses.
    • Any unclaimed licenses are listed under Manage Entitlements. These licenses have not been activated and assigned to a BlackBerry Domain.
    • All assigned licenses for the BlackBerry Domain are located in the Manage Devices, Servers section of the BlackBerry Account Center. For every active licensing service running in an environment there will be a Device ID listed. When the device is selected, all consumed licenses will be listed under the Add-Ons section.

Upgrading from BES 5 to BES 12:


Upgrading from BES 10 to BES 12: 

BES 12 Self Service User Guide: